1. The Organization shall be called  “MISSISSAUGA SOCCER REFEREES ORGANIZATION INC.” and shall, throughout this document, be referred to as the ‘The Organization’
  2. The address of ‘The Organization’ shall be that of the Secretary


The objectives of The Organization shall be to advance the game of soccer by:

  1. Abiding by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA).
  2. Fostering a relationship of cooperation with Soccer Clubs registered in the City of Mississauga and surrounding areas.
  3. To promote soccer Education for all Members of The Organization.
  4. To promote membership growth, specifically to recruit younger members into the Referee Organization.
  5. To promote organized athletics among members to stay in shape and promote health and physical education.
  6. To invite expert Referee Instructors to provide up-to-date Information and Instructions on soccer and developments within the various Referee Organizations in Ontario & Canada.
  7. To promote Professionalism for Referee behavior on & off the field.
  8. To establish Annual Awards.
  9. To ensure that all games at which members officiate are played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game (LOTG) and with the rules of competition set by competent local authorities approved by The Ontario Soccer Association and Such other complimentary purposes consistent
    with these objects.


Membership in The Organization shall be open to:

  1. Individuals: Who are qualified as Referees under the requirements of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) and/or Ontario Soccer Association (OSA).
  2. Honorary Life Members: Who have been nominated by the Executive Committee and elected at an Annual General Meeting by a 75% majority of those present and voting.
  3. The Executive reserves the right to decline membership to any individual whose purpose it deems to be inconsistent with the Objectives of ‘The Organization’. Each application shall be dealt with on its own merit


  1. The annual membership fee shall be established by resolution by the Executive Committee and the Membership informed at the next business meeting of ‘The Organization’.
  2. Become effective in the ensuing Fiscal Year.
  3. Be due and payable to ‘The Organization’ for the year in advance and is not to be Pro-Rated for a partial year.
  4. To be eligible to participate in, be represented, or vote, at the Election of Officers at the Annual General Meeting, a Member shall have paid his/her fees for the current fiscal year.


The officers of The Organization:

  1. Shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, an Education Director, and one(1) Director.
  2. Shall be nominated from the ranks of the Membership of The Organization.
  3. Shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a two-year term by a simple majority of members present and voting
  4. Shall hold office until the Election of Officers at the Annual General Meeting at which they would normally seek re-election or resign, or
    earlier, upon vacating the office for any reason.
  5. Shall be eligible for re-election so long as they qualify individually.
  6. Shall be elected as follows: President, Secretary, and Education Director in odd-numbered years; Vice-President, Treasurer, and one (1) Director in even-numbered years.
  7. May, if unable to attend the Annual General Meeting, be nominated by Proxy provided that a letter stating intent to stand for office and being signed by the Candidate, the Nominator, and the seconder is presented to the Chairperson at the time of nomination.
  8. Any incumbent officer seeking election to a different office prior to the end of his/her elected term shall resign from his/her present office
    prior to the commencement of the Election of Officers.


The Executive Committee of The Organization shall:

  1. Consist of the six (6) officers listed in Article 5.
  2. Appoint an individual to fill a vacancy from the time of the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting at which time the appointment can be ratified or another member elected.
  3. Transact all business of The Organization.
  4. Retain custody of all Property belonging to The Organization.


The Members of the Executive Committee shall perform the special duties listed herein, notwithstanding any other duties that may be indicated elsewhere.

  1. The President: Shall preside at all meetings of The Organization at which he/she is present, decide on all questions of order, and announce the results of voting (except during the election of officers at which time an independent Chairperson will be co-opted). Whilst as the Chairperson, he/she will neither move nor second any proposition or amendment, nor shall he/she
    vote unless there is a tie in which case he/she will cast a deciding ballot. He/She shall not participate in any debate whilst in the Chair, except in debates on rules of order. He/She shall ensure that other officers perform their appointed duties and that all by-laws are enforced.
  2. The Vice-President: Shall assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties and shall officiate in the President’s absence. In the event of the Presidency becoming vacant, he/she shall assume that office until the next Annual General Meeting.
  3. The Secretary: Shall keep a record of proceedings at all meetings of The Organization and the Executive Meetings. At each meeting he/she shall read the minutes of the previous meeting. He/She shall conduct the correspondence of The Organization and issue notices of meetings to Members including an agenda and any necessary supplementary information.
  4. The Treasurer: Shall receive (and give an official receipt for), and be responsible for, all funds of The Organization. He/She shall,
    with the approval of the Executive Committee, pay in a timely manner, all financial obligations incurred by The
    . He/She shall, for the Annual General Meeting, provide a Balance Sheet and a Statement of Income and Expenditure for the year ended September 30 each year.
  5. The Education Director:  Shall be responsible for all Educational matters that will be beneficial to the Members including the latest
  6. The Director: Shall be assigned, by the President, to specific duties as required by the Executive Committee.


  1. All funds of The Organization shall be deposited in a Canadian Financial Institution authorized by the Executive
    Committee to an account in the name of ‘The Organization’.
  2. The President, Vice President & Treasurer shall be authorized Bank Signatories for all accounts held by “The Organization”,
    with any two being required to sign all Cheques and Bank documents. The President & Vice President shall be the Principal signing Officers.
  3. The Treasurer will only sign Cheques or Bank documents in the absence of either the President or Vice President or in a case where a conflict of interest matter arises.
  4. The Treasurer shall monthly, submit a copy of the Bank Statement together with an interim Statement of Income and Expense to the Executive Committee.


  1. Two  Members shall be elected by the Membership at the AGM to audit the Financial Reports of The Organization
  2. At any time they choose provided, they give 5 (five) days written or electronic notice.
  3. Upon request of the Executive Committee
  4. Annually as of September 30 and prior to the Annual General Meeting
  5. The Auditors’ Statement shall be appended to the Financial Reports presented to the Annual General Meeting by the Treasurer.
  6. Auditors must avoid making false, unsupported, or misleading statements that tend to injure or discredit The Organization’s
    reputation. This requirement is self-evident and must be adhered to in every respect.
  7. Auditors must act in an ethical manner.


  1. The Annual General Meeting(AGM) shall be held on a convenient date between October 15 and October 31 each year and
    notice convening this meeting shall be sent to each member electronically or by regular mail not less than fourteen (14) days before the date of the meeting.
  2. The agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall be:
    1. Roll Call of Members for the Year-Ending
    2. Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
    3. Matters arising from those Minutes
    4. Correspondence
    5. President’s Report
    6. Secretary’s Report
    7. Treasurer’s Report
    8. Education Director’s Report
    9. Committee Reports (if any)
    10. Old Business Amendments to the Constitution & By-Laws
  3. Roll Call of Members for the Year ensuing
  4. Election of Officers
  5. Election of Auditors
  6. New Business
  7. Other items as determined by the Chairperson of the Meeting.
  1. Special General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary on instructions from the President, or on receipt of a written request signed by a Member of The Organization. At a Special General Meeting, only such business as is stated on the agenda shall be open for debate. Notice convening this meeting shall be sent to each member electronically or by regular mail not less than seven (7) days before
    the date of the meeting.
  2. Executive Committee Meetings shall be held as necessary at the call of the President, or in his/her absence, by
    the Vice-President.
  3. Regular meetings shall be held on a regular basis from early January to May each year. These meetings shall be scheduled as
    Educational Sessions but may also be used for any other Social or Business purpose as needed by The Organization.


  1. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), representation of one-third of the Membership shall constitute a Quorum.
  2. In the absence of a quorum at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), the meeting shall be adjourned until the earliest convenient date within one month of the adjourned meeting. The Secretary shall notify all Members of the rescheduled meeting as required by Article 10.1 or 10.3


  1. At the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting, each Member shall be entitled to a vote. Life Members may speak, but may not vote.
  2. At Regular Meetings dealing with the day-to-day business of The Organization, all Members
    present shall be entitled to a vote.
  3. At all meetings of The Organization, the President, or in his/her absence, the Vice-President or the Chairperson who is a member of the Executive may cast a deciding vote.


  1. Members of The Organization shall:
  2. By virtue of an Application and by payment of a Membership Fee, be deemed and required to have subscribed to the Constitution and By-Laws and to any alterations and amendments properly approved.
  3. Conduct themselves in such a manner as to be a credit to The Organization and the game as a whole.
  4. The Executive Committee shall deal with cases of misconduct
    reported to The Organization.


  1. Interpretations of the Constitution and By-Laws, as well as questions in dispute, shall be referred to the Executive Committee electronically or in writing.
  2. The Singular shall include the plural and vice versa.


No alterations or amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws may be made by a Member unless written or electronic notice signed by two (2) Members of The Organization shall be received by the Secretary not less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting or to a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Only the alterations or amendments shall be referred to, at that meeting or any adjournment thereof.


By-Laws shall:

  1. Be itemized in a separate document entitled “BY-LAWS of “MISSISSAUGA SOCCER REFEREES ORGANIZATION INC. 

Be subject to amendment at any meeting provided that the amendment is presented as a decision of the Executive Committee.

Dated: April 18, 2013

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