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If you are a soccer enthusiast who is interested in pursuing a career as an Ontario Soccer Referee, the MSRO can help you start on the path to your ultimate goals. Our non-profit organization and soccer club association is committed to the continuous growth, education and development of soccer rules keepers in Peel Halton. You can have the chance to oversee and promote positive conduct of Canada Soccer players through our MSRO clinics and workshops, each designed to provide you with the necessary training. Contact us today to learn more about our referee training!

The MSRO is committed to the growth, education, and development of Referees in Peel Halton. Please contact the Mississauga Soccer Referees’ Organization Secretary, Chad Patterson at mississaugasoccerreferees@gmail.com for any questions or concerns regarding Referees in Peel Halton. The MSRO offers a wide range of clinics and workshops for District, Regional, and Provincial Referees.

When crafting soccer referee reports, it’s essential to maintain clarity and objectivity. Start by accurately detailing the events of the match, highlighting key moments such as fouls, misconduct, and goals. Use specific language and avoid ambiguity to paint a clear picture. Incorporate factual descriptions without injecting personal opinions. Be concise and organized in your reporting, focusing on the sequence of events and their impact on the game. Finally, proofread your report for accuracy before submission, ensuring it adheres to the guidelines provided.

The Laws of the Game, as established by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), serve as the guiding principles for soccer worldwide. These laws encompass various aspects of the game, including player conduct, field dimensions, and the role of match officials. Consisting of 17 fundamental rules, they cover crucial elements like offside, fouls, penalties, and the authority of referees. IFAB continually updates these laws to maintain the integrity and fairness of soccer, reflecting the sport’s evolution while upholding its core values. Understanding and adhering to these laws are crucial for players, coaches, referees, and officials to ensure consistency and fairness on the field.

Ontario Soccer follows stringent grading protocols designed to maintain standards and fairness in soccer officiating. These protocols encompass various criteria for evaluating referees at different levels, considering factors such as knowledge of the Laws of the Game, match management skills, physical fitness, and decision-making abilities. Referees undergo assessments and examinations regularly to determine their competency and suitability for officiating at specific levels of play. Ontario Soccer’s grading protocols aim to nurture referees’ development, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and expertise to officiate matches effectively and uphold the integrity of the game across diverse soccer competitions within the province.

How Well Versed Are You In The Laws Of The Game (LOTG)?

If you’re considering becoming a Match Official or if you’ve been one for a while, we invite you to assess your knowledge of the Laws Of The Game (LOTG) by clicking HERE to take the quiz.

Let us know how you did and where we can help clarify your questions.

Our Personalized Mentoring Service.

Explore Personalized Growth with the MSRO’s Mentoring Service!

Embark on a journey of unparalleled development with our mentoring service at the Mississauga Soccer Referees’ Organization (MSRO). Our experienced mentors are dedicated to offering invaluable insights, assisting you in overcoming challenges, and refining your officiating skills. By joining us, you gain access to one-on-one guidance, creating a unique opportunity to elevate your path as a soccer referee. Experience personalized mentorship at its finest – join the MSRO today!

Referee Support.

Experience Unwavering Support with the MSRO!

Count on the Mississauga Soccer Referees’ Organization (MSRO) for a seamless referee journey. Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions, provide valuable resources, and ensure you feel confident both on and off the field. Join us and experience the difference of being supported every step of the way. If you ever find yourself required to attend a hearing or need support in any situation, rest assured that we are here to guide you and provide unwavering support throughout the process. Your success is our commitment at the MSRO!

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