Clarification: This discipline procedure applies only to misconduct delegated to the club level by O.S.A. Any other issue will be automatically referred to the appropriate authority, such as Peel-Halton Soccer Association or the O.S.A. directly.

Rule 1: Standard Terms and Acronyms used in Discipline Procedures

1.1 The wording of the OSA discipline Policy 1.0 shall be read in this paragraph.

Rule 2: Who can be subject to discipline?

2.1 Discipline action may be taken against a member of the MSRO.
2.2 Discipline action may be taken against any other referee only if the complaint arises from a situation or appointment directly controlled by MSRO.
2.3 Complaints may originate from any soccer activity (including a member of MSRO in the role of a coach, player, spectator, club official or team official).
2.4 No member of the MSRO can be retroactively charged with respect to an incident occuring prior to his becoming a member of the Organization.

Rule 3: Types of Misconduct Delegated to the Club Level by O.S.A.
Note: MSRO is considered a “club”-level organisation under OSA rules.

3.1 Misconduct in a cup competition, exhibition game or tournament played outside of Ontario and referred back for discipline.
3.2 Misconduct in a cup competition, exhibition game or tournament organized by a District Association.
3.3 Misconduct in a cup competition, exhibition game or tournament sanctioned by a District Association and played within its boundaries.
3.4 Misconduct in a cup competition, exhibition game or tournament organized by a Club league.
3.5 Misconduct occuring in a Club league.
3.6 Misconduct by a person acting on behalf of its organization.

Rule 4: Reporting Misconduct

4.1 A registrant is accused of an offence and is subject to discipine when a letter of complaint is received which, after investigation by the Executive, warrants further action.
4.2 The complaint must be submitted to the Secretary within thirty (30) days of the alleged misconduct or the report will be declared null and void.
4.3 The Organization must initiate action on the matter within fifteen (15) days following receipt of the complaint.

Rule 5: Rights and Responsibilities

5.1 All rules and procedures must be consistent with those published by the O.S.A.
5.2 If the Executive investigation of the matter (rule 4.1) requires further action, the accused must be notified in writing.
5.3 A copy of the report shall be enclosed with the notification to the accused.
5.4 All concerned parties must attend any hearing or meeting convened to hear the matter under review.
5.5 The accused has the right to be accompanied by an advisor at all times.
5.6 An advisor must accompany an accused under the age of 18 years.
5.7 An advisor may not act as a witness.
5.8 All parties affected by a decision of a discipline panel have the right to a written copy of the Findings and Decision. Minutes of the Discipline Hearing, however, shall not be distributed.

Rule 6: Procedures for Hearings

6.1 The accused must attend a hearing when requested.
6.2 The hearing will not proceed if the accused does not appear.
6.3 The hearing will be conducted according to the rules established by the O.S.A. and contained in Policy 9.0.

Rule 7: Penalties

7.1 Any member failing to attend a hrearing as requested will be immediately suspended with respect to any activities or games in which the Organization has any responsibility.

Rule 8: Appeal Procedures

8.1 All requests to appeal a decision must be submitted in writing to the Secretary using the procedures contained in Rule 4.
8.2 Appeals will be reviewed by the President who will either uphold the decision or overturn the decision based on presentaiton of new evidence or a violation of the hearing procedure.
8.3 In the event that a decision is overturned, there will be a new hearing with a new panel whose decision will be final.

*  Revised May, 2000